Myer catalogue October 2020

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Current catalogues Myer

Preview of catalogue Made for Summer from shop Myer valid 13/10/2020

Made for Summer

13/10 - 01/11/2020

Preview of catalogue Spring 2020 from shop Myer valid 19/10/2020

Spring 2020

19/10 - 01/11/2020

Preview of catalogue Your Summer Home Essentials from shop Myer valid 20/10/2020

Your Summer Home Essentials

20/10 - 08/11/2020

Preview of catalogue LEGO Adult Collector from shop Myer valid 17/09/2020

LEGO Adult Collector

17/09 - 18/10/2020

Preview of catalogue Toy Sale from shop Myer valid 17/09/2020

Toy Sale

17/09 - 18/10/2020

Preview of catalogue Mid Season Sale from shop Myer valid 10/09/2020

Mid Season Sale

10/09 - 05/10/2020

Preview of catalogue Happy Father's Day from shop Myer valid 22/08/2020

Happy Father's Day

22/08 - 06/09/2020

Preview of catalogue Freshen Up Your Spring Home from shop Myer valid 11/08/2020

Freshen Up Your Spring Home

11/08 - 30/08/2020

Preview of catalogue Your Spring Home Essentials from shop Myer valid 04/08/2020

Your Spring Home Essentials

04/08 - 23/08/2020


Myer catalogue

Spend less with the help of the Myer catalogue

Myer is an Australian department store chain known for selling upmarket goods. If you love shopping at Myer, you can freely check out our Myer catalogue collection to get the best discounts and deals on high-end items and a lot more! 

The October 2020 Myer catalogue is available now! Simply take the time to subscribe to here. Get the best sales for this week as well as any bargains exclusively offered online. You won’t have to look anywhere else for all those juicy discounts!

No shopper ever fails to be piqued every time they catch a whiff of discounts and sales being offered by major department stores, and Myer is certainly no exception. Don’t miss what’s hot for this week by heading right here where all the excitement’s to be had!

We know you can’t resist getting a pair or two (or three!) of those eye-catching socks they offer. Nor would you willingly skip getting the best deals on the latest games and hot gadgets. The Made for Summer’s basically waving at you and beckoning you to come over and avail yourself of some wonderful Myer sale offers. They’re all right there for the taking! 


What makes myer stand apart

Myer has a rich history that is deeply ingrained in Australian shopping culture. Started in Bendigo in 1900 by brothers Sidney and Elcon Myer, Myer enjoyed relatively rapid growth and expansion and adapting to the times, which allowed it to enjoy such longevity. 

From 2014 up to the present, the brand has begun to vigorously adopt modern technology to optimise its store layouts and the overall shopping experience of their customers. A clear shift of focus to the online aspect of its business is apparent. Even so, more than 60 brick and mortar stores still actively operate in Australia, with branches in every major city nationwide. Take note that Myer store operations normally begin at 9:00 AM and end at 5:30 PM. 

There are plenty of Myer items that remain inimitably tied to the brand, from men and women’s clothing to home appliances and beauty and Myer toy products. A lot of their selections offer great value for money due to their sheer quality. This is why many people are still on the lookout for a Myer sale or two at present. 

Incidentally, you can also take part in their Myer One loyalty program. Once you do, you begin to earn credits (2 credits every $1) in all transactions. You can then use them to purchase items in all Myer stores (online or otherwise). Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships are available, all of which give various benefits found in their official store

Save loads in every Myer sale

The latest Myer catalogue we regularly make available will basically hand you everything you need to start getting the best deals from Myer. Expect to get discounts on virtually every category in Myer stores, like best gadgets and appliances, exclusive Myer toy collections, health products, clothing, etc.

If you’re a consummate fashionista, know that Myer regularly offers fashion clearance sales as well. You can check the store for this; just click on the ‘Sales’ tab, and you’re pretty much good to go! The same goes for their entertainment sales, where you get to enjoy large price cuts in numerous branded headphones, e-Readers, cameras, and other tech accessories. If you want a better overview, you can always rely on our Myer catalogue. 

If it so happens that you didn’t find of the selections in the Myer sale appealing, then do head on over to Target, Radio Rentals, Kogan, Kmart, Harvey Norman, Harris Scarfe, Big W which, more or less, has a lot of similarities with what Myer offers.