Specsavers catalogue October 2020

Preview of catalogue Catalogue from shop Specsavers valid 20/10/2020


20/10 - 16/11/2020

Specsavers catalogue

Know the best Specsavers specials via catalogues

When it comes to buying specs of any kind, be they hipster, vintage, round, or a pair of cool sunnies, you can never really go wrong with what Specsavers has to offer. As long as you already know what type of glasses you want, odds are they have it and have plenty of options for you to choose from. The Specsavers October catalogue is more than enough proof of this. Want to see for yourself? Head on over here to discover these gems yourself.

They’re guaranteed to be the latest offerings as well, and you can expect a lot of different brands to be available, too. Ordinarily, you get numerous types of specs to choose from as well. What makes Specsavers catalogues extra amazing? The savings, of course!

Just look at the prices of the glasses being offered in the Specsavers catalogue for this week here. Almost all are uniform, meaning you get plenty of options offered at discounted prices! Name us one other platform that gives you this much information and with such consistent updates. Nada, right? This is why you can consider it as a one-stop solution to all your Specsavers shopping needs! 

It doesn’t take long to see why people love Specsavers offers

Specsavers is originally a UK-based company (founded in 1984) that has since gained traction in Australia because of its comprehensive selections of glasses and its cheaper and reasonable pricing. The 324 Specsavers practices currently operating nationwide should give you a good idea of how popular this particular spectacle store is. Its sole closest rival is OPSM, which offers relatively more expensive items.

Take note that most Specsavers stores open at 9:00 am and close at 5:30 pm, so they’re fairly accessible to anyone in need of a fresh pair of sunnies or ovals - or any glasses that catch your fancy. Specsavers offer eye tests and Digital Retinal Photography as other services, too, so you won’t have to look for an optometrist to do it for you. Now, do you see why Specsavers is so well-loved by Aussies? You can visit their main shop here

Should you want to learn their latest promo offers, you only need to look over the latest flyers for 20/10/2020. It will only take a couple of minutes to go over the October catalogue and learn of the latest Specsavers specials. Who knows? You might just land a pair of sweet Tommy Hilfiger sunnies or a sassy Kylie Minogue specs at mind-bogglingly low costs. 


It’s crystal-clear: Specsavers catalogues are all you need...

To gain all the information you need about the best deals of the week and allow you to save the most from your Specsavers purchases. Expect to gain a complete package of deals, from two design styles for the price of one to half-off prices. Some of the Specsavers specials are also exclusive to online transactions, so be sure you don’t miss out on those.  

Even so, if the current catalogue doesn’t really appeal to you, you can always check out what other stores have to offer by going to STA Travel, Repco, Petbarn, PET Stock, Flight Centre, Baby Bunting, Autobarn. The more time you invest to look, the more likely you’ll get the one true pair of specs that fits your style. What’s good is that it doesn’t really take long to go over these catalogues.