You might have seen videos of Black Friday sale crowds in the U.S. and heard all the hype about Black Friday deals and discounts. But to many, Black Friday is a bit of a mythical beast, and not everyone is sure what it all means. Here we check out what exactly Black Friday is, and what this special shopping day is actually like here in Australia.

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving (always the fourth Thursday of November), and has been considered the start of the U.S. Christmas shopping season since the early 1950s. This year, Black Friday will take place on November 29 – put it in your calendar!

The day is used by retailers as a marketing tool – encouraging shoppers to take advantage of huge discounts and great deals and to make a start on their Christmas shopping. It’s become such a popular shopping day that stores in America are often mobbed as excited customers battle to be first at the checkout with bags full of bargains.

The History Of Black Friday

Black Friday is so-named thanks to police departments in Philadelphia, which back in the 1950s used the term to refer to the major traffic disruptions that would take place the day after Thanksgiving as everybody returned home from their travels. Because this large movement of people caused headaches for the police, they began referring to the day as Black Friday.

Another explanation from the 1980s has it that ‘Black Friday’ refers to the time of the year when stores began getting ‘out of the red’ and ‘into the black’ with regards to their sales earnings and accounts.

Either way, the name Black Friday soon took on a life of its own and was used by stores big and small across the U.S. to profit from shoppers’ post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas gift-buying needs.

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Black Friday In Australia

In the age of the global marketplace it wasn’t long, of course, before Black Friday sales swept around the world. Now, Black Friday can be found in many countries – from the UK to Romania, France to New Zealand.

Here in Australia, Black Friday sales are becoming increasingly popular, and Australian shoppers are sure to find a bargain by taking advantage of participating stores’ promotions. With more and more retailers jumping onboard the Black Friday train each year, you’re bound to find a great deal leading up to the Christmas holidays.

And if you don’t make it to the shops on Black Friday? Well then, Cyber Monday may just be the day for you. Falling the Monday immediately after Black Friday, Cyber Monday plays host to a plethora of amazing online sales. So it’s up to you! Embrace the crowds and get some amazing deals in person, or soothe your inner introvert by clicking away the day come Cyber Monday!

What Is Black Friday And What Is It Like In Australia?

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