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11/09 - 08/10/2020

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25/04 - 31/05/2019

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01/03 - 30/03/2019

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04/02 - 28/02/2019

Radio Rentals catalogue

Big savings guaranteed from the latest Radio Rentals catalogue

Radio Rentals is an Australian rental service dealing primarily with gadgets, games, furniture, and various home appliances. The Radio Rentals catalogue you can view here serves as a reference to the diverse products that this service makes available, and you also get to know the sweetest and latest weekly discounts you can get.

Understandably, it can be hard to get wind of Radio Rentals deals. This is why we are offering you the option of having them delivered straight to you by subscribing here. This will give you direct access to the Radio Rentals catalogue for October 2020. 

Renting gadgets like the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone and appliances like refrigerators really does have its perks, what more if you actually land a great Radio Rentals deal and save a whole lot more from your favourite rentals? 

Of course, you have to make sure it’s always the latest, valid Radio Rental deal so be sure to check out the most up-to-date 11/09 flyer. These deals are no pushover, that much is certain. You get to have limited-time rent free offers on TVs, computers, and bedroom furniture from time-to-time. The key is to just stay updated with the latest Radio Rental catalogue.

Why we love Radio Rentals deals

When Radio Rentals started in Market Street, Sydney in 1937, it quickly grew to become one of Australia’s best technology and appliance rental services in the country. And for good reason. Over 65 stores can be found all over Australia, with three branches operating in Sydney alone. 

Having experienced the evolution of entertainment technology first-hand, it’s safe to say that Radio Rentals still enjoys immense patronage due to the seamless way it was able to offer rentals of gadgets that sprung up from that growth. The brand is also quite remarkable in offering package deals and bundles that can turn anyone’s head. You need not look further than the Radio Rental catalogue October 2020 for this. 

Of course, there’s also their relatively reasonable rates. But, by and large, the appeal really hinges a lot on the outstanding options they offer, regardless of whether it’s a gadget, a wearable, an air conditioner, or even a dishwasher. You can see for yourself by going to their site Radio Rentals. 

The service does not really advertise their bundles and deals that much, except through social media. The October 2020 catalogue for Radio Rentals does a better job outlining the ones that are still available for this week. Please note that store hours tend to have slight variations per location so refer to their site to know them.

Radio Rentals catalogues have your back

One of the things we love about Radio Rentals furniture and gadgets is that you always get to use all that they have to offer, and most are kept in tip-top condition. This is why it can’t get any better for any rental freak to save more from their current price-cuts (and even get freebies along the way). And the catalogue for this week opens the door to just that. 

The October 2020 one will present you with opportunities not to be missed, to say the least. All the better if you have already had specific furniture or gadget in mind that happens to be available for mind-bogglingly low rates coupled with nice, long rental times. That’s just a sneak peek of what you can expect!

As far as reputation and safety goes, Radio Rentals has no equal, which is also why it’s still fairly popular among Aussies. The great deals you can get only serve as the icing on the cake. Incidentally, if you find nothing to your liking at present, you may find similar rental deals from Target, Myer, Kogan, Kmart, Harvey Norman, Harris Scarfe, Big W much more suitable.