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25/09 - 22/10/2020


Black Swallow catalogue

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When it comes to women’s fashion, health and beauty needs, Black Swallow remains a forerunner in delivering the trendiest and most stylish selections at present. If you are among the majority of women who love the products they offer (most of which are quick to run out of stock), then you’ll probably be equally enamoured by our latest Black Swallow catalogues. You’ll soon see for yourself by simply clicking on the most recent catalogues available here. 

Or you can just head straight to the latest October 2020 brochure by going here. You can learn every sale that is currently on-going on their women’s wear, cosmetic products, which we’re sure you’ll find totally irresistible. The fashionable styles and quality of their products alone are probably enough to tickle your fashionista fancy; what more once you find out the jaw-dropping discounts you’ll get from them.

If you’re already itching to get to these deals, then just go here to relieve that shopper’s prickle. All the information available online is kept up-to-date so you can avail of only the recent and valid Black Swallow specials. The Catalogue you can view here should suffice to prove this. 


Black Swallow - a snappy dresser’s paradise

Just looking at any Black Swallow boutique will give you the ready impression that the company means business - that it means to deliver what you want. And it does this not do so in a cold sober manner, no. The passion to deliver the best in women’s clothing is apparent in their selections and the brands they choose to work with. 

Founded in 2015, the company managed to set itself apart from the already numerous boutique options in Australia. While others may be quick to opt for Amaroso and Meshki, Black Swallow, simply put, imparts originality in their products enough to earn them a loyal audience base. 

Their selections are noticeably bolder fashion-wise, with the local papers even labeling their swimsuits as “provocative”. This became a boon for the company, obviously; otherwise, they would not have such a great following online and offline. 

While the company has little by way of loyalty programs, it is pretty active in sending out gift cards that it offers great support for. Their notable sales are either announced in their social media or in their official

The October 2020 catalogue will give you a more complete overview of every available deal, though, so we highly recommend you check them out. You also do not have to hunt for the information you need in the Black Swallow store. Spend that time browsing through their sexy (in more ways than one) selections. 

The latest Black Swallow catalogue is waving at you!

Now is the best time to check it out and learn every sweet deal and discount it has to offer. Expect a barrage of price cuts in a plethora of women’s products, from skincare, hair, and electricals to makeups and clothing, among others. 

It’s practically a trove of fashion goodies that are available for astoundingly discounted prices. Perhaps, you’ve been meaning to get a sexier two-piece for the summer? Or don a racy leopard bikini to flaunt those juicy curves? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to deliver a makeup knockout with a Jeffree Star cosmetics bundle or two? For all you know, they might be selling for 40% off now! You just have to take the time to look through the Black Swallow October 2020 catalogue to find out!

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